Présentation de notre entreprise Company Overview
Slnee company IT Saudi Arabia company with 100% official record of ?a commercial number: 1010296836 was established after finding out its ?mission, vision and objectives. ?

Capacity and capability: ?
• Design, development and Web sites of all expertise and ?specialties’.?
• Development and programming of applications and office ?software of all major technologies. ?
• Programming and developing applications for smart phones. ?
• Maintenance and supply of computers and networks. Technical ?consulting. ?
• Quality assurance. ?

Success stories: ?

Are the actual facts of the company's customers can access them By ?the company's management, experience and efficiency of its ?employees has been the development of office real estate website, ?which is unique of its kind, a model for Website innovative, specialized ?and comprehensive activity marketer real estate, whether an office or ?institution or real estate company to which all of them possess a site of ?its own. ?

It was this innovation is the only one that has been adopted by King ?Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology ?

Our goals: ?
• achieve success with all of its customers. ?
• be competitive with our many international companies. ?
• be their mark in the settlement of Information Technology in ?Saudi Arabia and the Arab world. ?
• have an active part in creating a culture of sound and sublime in ?the community in the field of Information Technology. ?

• Transparency in dealings and commitment. ?
• Sincerity and dedication to work. ?
• Quality in dealing with compliance with the law.?

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